Today I’m going to show you how to do Chandra Namaskar or the moon Salutation Chandra Namaskar is different from the Surya Namaskar when you do Chandra Namaskar you want to do it slowly and it’s mostly to relax and to stretch your body.

so it’s nice to do it at the end of your practice but if you want to do it before so that you feel nice and flexible. you can do it a little bit faster yeah when you do the Chandra Namaskar we move sideways on our mat.

when you do the surya Namaskar we start at the front we come to the back we end up at the front but chandra namaskar starts on the right side of your mat we do the left side of Chandra Namaskar.

first and we end on the left side of your mat and then we start again the right side of a Chandra Namaskar going on to the right side of the mat to end sooner. Round Chandra Namaskar is doing it once on your left and once to you right.

What is chandra namaskar ?

The word chandra means ‘moon’. Just as the moon, having no light of its own, reflects the light of the sun, so the practice of chandra namaskar reflects that of surya namaskara.

Like the sun salutation, the lunar salutation is also very important. It also has 12 kriyas, (sometimes 14 kriyas are also described), which have 12 mantras.

These mantras can be recited with each asana. Though each asana has its own importance, if these asanas are done in a series of ways, after their completion, the benefits of those asanas increase, so the seeker must reap the benefits of lunar salutation.

How to do chandra namaskar

1st Position

moon salutation ( chandra namaskar ) 1st position

Method: Standing in the position of Tadasana facing the Moon. With both hands raised, tilt the upper part of the waist backward. Keep both hands towards the open sky and chant “Om Chandra Namah” in your mind.

2nd Position

moon salutation ( chandra namaskar ) 2nd position

Method: Now keep the upper part of the hands and waist parallel to the feet of the hands, tilting towards the front. Make the head touch with the knees, but do not bend the knees. Now chant “Om Somay Namah”.

3rd Position

moon salutation ( chandra namaskar ) 3rd position

Method: After this, move the left leg back and keep it perpendicular. Then, bending from the knee, put the entire weight of the body on the right foot and place both hands on the right side of the right leg and chant the mind “Om Indra Namah”.

4th Position

moon salutation ( chandra namaskar ) 4th position

Method: Now where the toes of the feet are, stand them in the same place so that the knee of the left leg touches the ground and the right knee makes a right angle. Now raise the hands up and tilt the upper part of the waist backwards and chant ‘Om Nishakarai Namah’ in your mind and stay for some time.

5th Position

moon salutation ( chandra namaskar ) 5th position

Method: Now move the right leg backward, giving full weight to the left foot instead of the right foot as in the third position. Stabilize the heel of the left foot and both hands in the side of the paws of the left toe and chant “Om Arabhritaaya Namah”.

6th Position

Method: Now, standing on the left foot like fourth position, stand in such a way that the knee of the right leg continues to touch the ground and stretch the hands upwards. Now chant “Om Sudhadharaya Namah” and stay in this state for a while.

7th Position

Method: After this, stabilize both hands on the ground and move the left leg near the right leg. While in this situation, chant ‘Namashthape Namah’.

8th Position

Method: After applying a sit ups, in the same position, keep both knees on the ground and tilt the head down and touch the ground with the forehead. Keep the position of both hands in the same place and chant ‘Om Shiva Shekharai Namah’ in your mind.

9th Position

Method: In the same position, raise your hands upwards with the head. Tilt backwards keeping the upper part of your waist straight perpendicular. Keep the hands towards the sky and sit on the heels on the knees and toes and chant “Om Amritdydhiye Namah”.

10th Position

Method: Now keep both hands on the front side at a gap of one and a half feet on the ground. In the same position, apply a punishment and in the same method, raise your knees above the ground, sitting on the feet and hands. After this, chant ‘Om Tamodhnaaya Namah’ in your mind.

11th Position

Method: After that, without raising your hands back and forth, bounce both legs between the two hands and sit with weight on the toes. Only the fingers will touch the ground instead of the palm. The weight of the buttocks will remain on the heel. Now chant the mantra of ‘Om Rajarajaya Namah’ in your mind.

12th Position

Method: Now stand upright in the same position at the end. Combine both hands on the front side and chant ‘Shashank Devaya Namah’. Thus this one frequency occurred, similarly do frequency 5-6.

Relax in the state of fatigue when you experience fatigue. Time: Just as Surya Namaskar is specially done in the morning, similarly, Lunar Namaskar should be done in the evening.

Time of practice: Chandra namaskar is best practised at night, especially when the moon is visible, or at dawn at the time of the full moon. Be aware of the different experiences given by the changing aspects of the moon. When practising at night ensure the stomach is empty.

Benefit :

1.  Although each posture has its own different importance and also has its own different benefits, doing its full frequency brings many benefits simultaneously.

2. The body is beautiful, strong, and shapely. The region gets benefits. There are constipation, acidity, indigestion rate.

The body becomes radiant and sparkling. Mental peace and coolness are attained. Laziness etc. are not there Makes the whole body healthy.

Note: In some yoga centers, the method of Chandra Namaskar is done in various ways.

Direction: Since the energy and benefits of the Moon have to be absorbed. Therefore, the direction in which the moon rises should be chosen.

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