Sukhasana is meditative asana. Compare to another meditative poses anyone can easily perform this asana.

Although it may be used for meditational practices.

Meaning of Sukhasana (Easy pose)

Sukha is a Sanskrit word which means happiness and joy. This posture is called Sukhasana because of sitting on a floor with folding our legs.

However, sitting in the posture, there is a feeling of happiness. That too is called Sukhasana, but since ancient times, sitting with fold our both legs is considered as Sukhasana.

How to do Easy pose

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1- Place your mat or blanket on the floor.

2- Sit with the legs facing forwards in front of the body.

3- fold your left leg under the right thigh and flod your right leg under the left thigh.

4- Hold your neck, head and spine upright.

5- Place your both the hands on your knees.

6- Close you eyes.

7- Now relax your whole body

Benefits of Sukhasana

  • This is an excellent asana for meditation.
  • Use of this asana while eating is beneficial.
  • Those who are unable to apply Padmasana for meditation, using this asana.
  • This asana is mostly performed in the worship.
  • This asana Is beneficial in physical energy, peace of mind and keeping the body healthy.


most of the weight of the body is supported by the small area of contact
between the floor and the buttocks. After a period of time this area soon becomes a little painful.

However, this can be overcome to a degree by using a cushion under the buttocks.

The other meditative asanas have a larger area of contact between the floor and the body.

the weight of the body is supported partly by the buttocks and also by the legs, which reduces aches and pains developing.

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