In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Granth, Siddhasana is said to be the best among the eighty-four rugs. Siddhasana purifies the excrement of the 72,000 nadis present in the body by attaining easy attainment of meditation and awakening one’s life.


The Sanskrit word siddha has many meanings and implications. It means ‘power’ and ‘perfection’, so that this asana can also be called the perfect pose or the powerful pose.

The word siddhi is derived from siddha and means a psychic power or faculty developed through yogic practices. 

This includes clairvoyance, telepathy as well as many other lesser known powers such as the ability to disappear at will. Siddhasana is believed to be the asana that helps to develop these powers.

Similar to Padmaasan, helpful in achieving perfection, hence called Siddhasan.

Meditation: On all cycles. 

How to do Siddhasana


1. Sit down in Sukhasan. 

2.Apply the right thigh of the soles of the left foot so that the heel touches the part between your anus and the scrotum. 

3.Now keep the heel of the right foot with pressure between the genital and the heart of the body. Trapping the fingers of the right foot between the left shin and the thigh. 

4.Keep the knees in mind touching the ground. Keep the body straight. Place the hands in a position of knowledge posture on the knees. 

5.Stabilize the chin in the throat well over the heart region. 

6.Keep the vision in the middle of the eyebrows and sit without stress. 

Do the same exercise by changing the position of the feet. 

Direction: East or North (for spiritual gain).

Time: As much as possible.


With Pranayama/Pranayama Adaptively. Mantra: Chant the guru or your favored deity or om nam: Sidhdebha.

Note: The benefits of Siddasan and Padmaasan are almost the same. This posture is suitable for making consciousness upward, so all seekers, Brahmachari must do this posture. This posture must be done for pranayama and meditation.


  • This posture Siddhasana leads to the development of strong will.
  • The spinal body is stable and firm.
  • disease and work disorder are destroyed.
  • By doing this posture for 48 minutes per day, the principles are obtained.
  • Even in old age, the waist does not bend.
  • Sitting in this posture increases hypnosis power.
  • The abdominal region gets a lot of benefit.

Precautions: Siddhasana Practice patiently in the acute pain of the cicatica, acute back pain or knees, respectively.

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