By the name of these asana you will understand the work of these yoga pose. vajra is weapon of hindu god indra. these asana make your body solid like a rock. Other name of these pose is Thunderbolt pose, Kneeling pose.

The people whose digestive power is very weak food does not digest on time digestion is not well and The people who have gas in the stomach. kneeling pose is very effective asana for those people.

Meaning of thunderbolt pose

Meaning:  Vajra means ‘hard’. This posture brings perseverance. Our body become strong like rock.

Vajra is a sanskrit word that means weapons of god thunder or in easy word our body become strong. this asana is also called sitting on knees pose.

Vajrasana makes your joints and ligaments strong as well as flexible.

The muscles around the pelvic regions are greatly benefited. The posture stimulatesthe function of kidneys, liver and pancreas

How to do Vajrasana

Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose or kneeling pose )

1. First sit erect in ‘Sukhasana’ 

2. Now stretch out the legs Slowly bend the legs one by one Until  you are seated between your both feet. sitting on your knees.

3. Adjust your feet to be closer to the buttocks Stretch the hands forward to place your palms covering the knees.

Breathing: You can also do pranayama. Breathe with the right tone while eating.

Meditation: On all cycles. Especially on the Manipura chakra.

Mantra: Meditate on the mantra or be favored by your guru or chant the psyche of ‘Om Namah Sichdwabhaya”.

When to do Vajrasana

Do vajrasana after meal For all those people, this is a very good practice Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose) If you do in the morning & evening after meals.

If you can do three times, then very good But if not able to do for some reason then you may practice thunderbolt yoga pose with empty stomach during morning yoga or after breakfast & before sleep at night.

If you do sitting on legs pose twice a day after breakfast & after dinner That’s enough This will improve your stomach’s digestion.


those who are having heavy or plumpy body from whom It is difficult to sit in this posture they can place a thin pillow.

sit down in sitting on knees initially if you are feeling difficulty to sit in this pose then you could place your hands with in if we place our hands in then it is called Aanand Madirasana instead of calling vajranabha.

benefits are same those who feel difficulty to sit in kneeling down pose they even can place a pillow or blanket or even they can place hands to other thing is those who have knee problems who have pain in their knees they do not not have to practice this posture.

don’t even sit major precaution is this only they can do any other posture some people ask, there is pain in knees see there is no restriction even in minor knee problems but if pain is increasing after doing this then try observe, if pain is increasing then stop sitting if pain is relieving, then keep practicing.

need to practice 5-5 or 10-10 min twice morning & evening, after meals wash your hands & mouth, sit in this posture after every meal sit for a few minutes & food will be digested easily ten min of Thunderbolt pose is equal to 10 min of walk.

Benefits of vajrasana:

1- The continual practice of Vajrasana will remain like thunderbolt even in the age of age. 

2- Vajrasana is beneficial for self-help. 

3- opens the door of the Sushumna. 

4- kneeling pose is beneficial in hernia and hemorrhoids. 

5- You must do this posture for 10-15 minutes immediately after meals. 

6- This posture is very beneficial for air related diseases. By meditating on the north or east direction, this posture gives happiness. 

7-removes the monthly irregularity of women and makes them disease. 

8- This is a panacea for headaches caused by air disorders and fixes the manganese. 

9- Rock pose yoga makes your joints and ligaments strong as well as flexible.

10- The Muscles around the pelvic regions are greatly benefited.

11-The posture stimulates the function of kidneys, liver and pancreas.

12- It also help to loss weight with sitting.

Note: Some yoga teachers would put both thumbs on top of the foot and make this posture

Caution: People suffering from knee pain do not practice this posture.

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FAQs – List of most asked questions.

Here are the list of most asked questions people have questions related to asana this will help you to give ans to your question. if you not find any question related to your query comment your question we try to give answer.

How long should we sit in Vajrasana?

Practice daily 5-5 or 10-10 min twice morning & evening, 1 to 2 hour after meals but in morning do with an empty stomach.

What happens when sitting in Vajrasana?

When you set on the knees it will be increase your blood flow in digestive area. it will also regulate your blood circulation in the lower pelvic region.

Is Vajrasana better than walking?

Yes vajrasana is better than walking in many ways. It will be said that 5 to 10 minutes of vajrasana practice is equal to the walking.

What is the mantra for kneeling pose and mantra is necessary to chant.

Meditate on the mantra or be favored by your guru or chant the psyche of ‘Om Namah Sichdwabhaya“. it will not necessary to chant mantra if you do it’s good but if you not do it also good.

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